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Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- Mohamed Morsi has officially be declared Egypt's first democratically elected president (CNN):

- Slow-moving tropical storm Debby has already drenched Florida and threatens to bring more flooding as it makes its way towards Louisiana. Up to 25 inches of rain is possible (Fox News):

- While admitting crucial documents sought by the House Oversight Committee would help understand which  high-level officials knew of or were involved in Fast and Furious, Rep Darrel Issa claims he does not believe the White House is involved in a massive cover-up (MSNBC):

- A survey shows that Americans do not have enough in savings for simple emergencies (CBS News):

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  1. wow figure that, consider program started under gwbjr, don't wanna dig to deep or the repubs may embarrass themselves

  2. What a wasteful liberal comment. You, like many liberals, squawk with no facts.

    Fast and Furious did not start under Bush; Operation Wide Receiver did. They were two completely different programs. Operation Wide Receiver monitored illegal gun sales (known as gun tracing), while Fast and Furious created gun sales (known as gun walking).

    Check it out:

    So the next time you want to instantly spout of an MSNBC headline, please get the facts again. If not, conservative truth will make sure you get told again and again.