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Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- A member of Barack Obama's cabinet, Secretary of Commerce John Bryson, has been cited with a hit-and-run in Southern California.It is being reported that Bryson, who was on his own private time in a privately-owned vehicle, suffered from a seizure (CNN):

- Hundreds continue to leave the path of massive wildfires in Colorado and New Mexico (Fox News):

- World markets get a slight boost as world of a $125 bailout for Spain is in the works (ABC News):

- A House committee will vote next week on whether to hold US Attorney General Eric in contempt of Congress (CBS News):

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  1. Here is a good story from the weekend.

    While 0bama runs around the country saying "Republicans want you to have dirty water",the Federal government is trying to keep the citizens of Tombstone, AZ from having any water be it clean or dirty.

    Amazingly, I would dare to say if they were planning on putting up some of those enviro-friendly windmills in Tombstone the feds wouldn't give a flying flip about the welfare of the Mexican spotted owl. Windmills kill thousands of federally protected eagles, hawks and owls every year.

    How exactly does the presence of back hoe and/or track hoes equate to the owls being harmed?

    Another crazy thought I had; the Democrats are always saying the Republicans want to take us backward. Uh, isn't using shovels and picks going back to the 1800's when we have back hoes and track hoes?

    1. Republicans do want us to have dirty water. They always complain about the EPA and say they will remove environmental regulations. Isn't that what the EPA is made to protect. And if the GOP wants to remove the regulations, can't we imply they don't want us to have a clean environment? Are you that short sighted?