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Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- Embattled former presidential candidate John Edwards was acquitted on one charge of campaign fiance fraud while a mistrial was declared for the remaining 5 charges against him. He is unlikely to be retried (Fox News):

- Near the beginning of his term, President Obama ordered increased cyber attacks against Iran's nuclear program and nuclear infrastructure (MSNBC):

- The US increases its pressure on Russia to change its course and take a harder stance on Syria (CBS News):

- Bill Clinton praises Romney's business record, calls it "sterling" (CNN):

Updated: To continue the debate on CNN's shoddy reporting, I thought I'd throw in this sorry excuse for a histogram. It is a screenshot taken from I thought it was pretty funny (click the image for an expanded view):

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  1. And no, unemployment is no joke. It's Friday, and sometimes at The Elephant in the Room, we like to have some fun. When a major news outlet puts forth a graph that shows 69,000 = about 150,000, we thought we'd share. This is nothing personal against CNN, and it doesn't mean they are terrible. It's just a mistake they made, and it's funny. That's all, and Happy Friday!

  2. You nailed it LME. It's not long before CNN is a low-level tabloid:

  3. Notice the political party of most of these politician liars:

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  6. I think the cyber attack's article is very interesting the part

    "For years the C.I.A. had introduced faulty parts and designs into Iran’s systems — even tinkering with imported power supplies so that they would blow up — but the sabotage had had relatively little effect."

    that is crazy! its amazing all the stuff going on behind the scenes. very interesting article.