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Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- South Korea claims North Korea is ready to follow through with a test of a nuclear weapon (CNN):

- A fire on the US nuclear submarine Miami injured five (Fox News):

- UN human rights experts have conclude that both Syrian government and opposition forces have committed torture and murder during the country's ongoing civil war (CBS News):

- The US claims it has hacked Yemeni websites to replace pro-terror ads with ads that depict the negative effects of joining Al Qaeda (ABC News):

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  1. I just saw this article about the real deficit number. If the Federal Government had to report it's retirement benefits commitments the same way companies, states and local governments have to, we would have a deficit of $5 TRILLION last year as opposed to the "official" deficit of $1.3 Trillion.

    Whew, that literally made me a little dizzy and sick to my stomach when I read that. That is almost unbelievable.

    1. Hi Slim

      Wow, that is sickening! It makes me wonder if ANY of our elected representatives have the guts to stand up and tell us the whole truth - or are they ALL in the bag, in fear of losing their OWN taxpayer funded goodies?

      Who can we trust to ask and get a straight answer? I've found from my letters and phone calls that both Senators from my state of Nevada are pretty much useless.

      Everyone knows that Harry Reid is so far up O's hindquarters, that I don't even bother with anymore. State-wise, he's out to line his own pockets - as he has for 30+ years.

      I thought Dean Heller (R) would be a balance to Dingy Harry, but he's all 'I understand your concern about that - and I'll get right on it.' Then, when you look at how he votes - he's 'gone along to get along'.

      Lately Heller doesn't answer at all. He seems to be too busy gathering up awards from special interest groups around the state to respond.

      It's really too bad we can't toss them ALL out - and start over fresh.

    2. Good find, and daunting numbers.

      If these trends continue, no doubt the system will collapse one way or another... it certainly can't go on indefinitely.

      That will be a scary day.

    3. Slim you are the best fact finding, point making person I know (through the internet :-)

      Keep it up.

      And oh yah, those numbers make me sick.

  2. All you anonymous bitches better man up!