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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Joe The Plumber Runs For Congress

Remember Joe the Plumber? In case you don't, his name is Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, and he became a household (and campaign-wide name) in 2008 when he bravely asked then-candidate Barack Obama about his tax plan. See the Youtube clip here: 

Here we are in 2012, and Joe the Plumber is running for Congress representing Ohio's 9th district. I don't know him personally, but I admire his determination. To me, running for Congress says, "I want to change something, and bygone it, I'm going to do it." 

To check out Joe the Plumber's campaign site, visit

Additionally, here is an open letter written to President Obama by Joe the Plumber titled "Forward?" -


  1. Good afternoon!

    I have to say, I was disappointed with what I read on in his open letter. I expected a realistic, common-person view and opinion (maybe even some facts). All I saw was nothing more than what effectively amounts to cheap talking points through more than half the letter.

    What is the realistic purpose in comparing Obama's presidency, vacations, and lifestyle to a common person? Isn't this exactly the type of 'villianizing the 1%!' that the GOP has been fighting against?

    Yes, the POTUS is part of the 1%. Yes, he will take vacations. Yes, he has a job. Yes, he can afford lavish golf outings.

    And this is all relevant how?

    GOP presidents don't do the exact same thing?

    Is there a correlation between golfing habits and presidential success I don’t know about?

    Additionally, then going on to blame the OWS protests on Obama is just factually incorrect. Obama or not, the protests would have still happened; the movement first began as a result of the bank bailouts (in 2008, before Obama). Which is still a main theme (in addition to jobs, student loans, healthcare, etc, which would’ve been true under Obama or not). The Arab Spring then brought light to the power of social networking in organizing protests, which soon lead to the occupy protests.

    All, again, are no direct result of Obama or any of his words/actions.

    And the whole theme of his argument, the ‘small business regulations’, isn’t even completely true. The only plan that Obama himself pioneered that could hurt small businesses is Obamacare, which isn’t even in effect yet. Otherwise, the main concern for small business hiring is still more about the need for the employee than ‘the fear of government’… and to top it all off small business hiring is the best it has been since the crash.

    I love underdog stories as much as the next guy, regardless of party affiliation. But I'm sad to say that I see a 'man riding his momentum to fame' more than I see a 'man fighting against the odds to change America for the better.'

    I call it like I see it, and believe me I'd be just as likely to share this point of view if 'Sally the Secretary' questioned McCain on what amounts to nothing more than liberal talking points. And then based their run for Congress on it.

  2. LME you sneaky sneak. I didn't know joe was a flat tax guy. Is that why you put this up? I know you like a flat tax (so do i) so thank you for sharing.

    1. I'll bet he has no idea what flat tax is all about.

    2. Are you referring to Joe or LME. Because the writer(s) of this blog is actually is/are actually pretty damn good when it comes to economics, and they are pretty knowledgeable when it comes to a flat tax.

  3. Joe the Intelligent ?....No no ....


    Joe the Wise ?......No that wont fly either.


    Joe the somewhat informed ? ....Come on now, we can't just lie to people.

    HEY ! I got it !

    Joe the Plummer ! He's like a hockey mom with less on his mind

    1. More worthless liberal posts. Instead of debating on here with facts or civility, you bring nothing to this forum that can help people learn from each other, and you stick to low-level attacks. No wonder why our country is so divided. Well, I guess that's what we get when it comes from the top with Obama.

    2. Aren't you smart ?!

      I'll answer that : No

      Obama nailed that question. Only an idiot would side with the bald ape nodding his head.

      Siding with Joe the plummer and his 10 spoken words against the eloquent and sound logic of Obama on this question proves you have poor comprehension skills.

      Joe the Liar is more accurate. The guy wasn't even a plummer.

      Dude (ALL OF YOU) .....Just shut up

    3. Oh look, here is Bobo the retarded circus clown coming in with nothing valuable.

      Obama nailed it? That tap dance was "nailing it?" That "uh, uh uh, well, yah, I want to tax you more to give to poorer people" nailed it?

      I love how you don't take any intelligent position, but instead you just attack people. It shows your lack of intelligence. Telling us to shut up? Would just LOVE to see you do it. Isn't that the liberal way, though? The party of peace and tolerance is only tolerant of their own views and seeks to shut up the views of others.

      And, to put the icing on the cake! Bobo wants to show just how retarded he is. He comes on here to say we are "idiots"

      but can't even spell "plumber"


  4. @LME - Thanks! I don't live in OH, but we could sure use another 'flat tax' guy in Congress!

    @Anonymous... 'Here we go again!'

    Eloquence? Sound Logic? You've GOT to be one of those people we saw on MSM, gazing idyllically at The Won - and weeping during his inauguration... there's simply NO other explaination for your blind adulation and complete disregard for the TRUTH... Obama's 'policies' are PURE socialist in nature.

    Thank our Founders, who had the foresight to design the Constitution in such a way as to PROMOTE the Congressional 'gridlock' you lefties despise so.

    They did so to ASSURE that no ONE party could push/ram/jam/sneak through an agenda that ran COUNTER to our Constitution... they BANKED on the HOPE that there'd remain at least a FEW (now demonized) souls who had not LOST THEIR MINDS!

    Obama and the Dems OWN OWS.

    * Obama - 'Stop whinin' and get your marchin' shoes on!'
    * Van Jones (former Obama Green 'Czar')actively PROMOTED a 'bottom up, top down, inside out' scenario... OWS 'peaceful' protests (and related destruction of property) signals the beginning - bottom up.
    * Obama, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, etc. etc. etc. PRAISED them for their 'spontaneity'... for a 'movement' that's heavily financed and 'protesters' PAID - by SEIU, UAW, (Soros)etc. etc. etc.
    * OWS PARROTS Obama's - 'redistribute, war-on-women, rich don't pay their fair share, demonize corporations - banks - Wall Street - the GOP, Green agenda, "There comes a time when you've made enough money." talking points.

    He/They/YOU OWN it... deal with it.

    Hey? 'Are you better off that you were four years ago?' I'd wager NOT! But you just keep on drinkin' that Komrade Koolaide.

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