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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Maryland, Washington DC, and Wisconsin GOP Primaries

It seems like it has been forever since we've had a significant night for the GOP candidates.

This open forum post is designated to the Maryland, Washington DC, and Wisconsin republican primaries.

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Other Key Questions:

- Who do you think will win the each primary?
- Will Mitt Romney go three-for-three?
- Would poor finishes cause Newt to bow out? Will Ron Paul fight on?
- Will Santorum press on through May, or could tonight be his last night?
- Can you predict who finishes where (percentages)?

Share your thoughts, predictions, opinions, analysis, etc. below. Thank you.


  1. Don't have time for percentages but yes I think Mitt will win all three. Newt will finally drop out because his financier has given up. Santorum, maybe will drop out, but I doubt it. He really, really should.

  2. DC:

    Mitt - 78%
    Santorum - 10%
    Newt - 6%
    Paul - 6%


    Mitt - 55%
    Santorum - 20%
    Newt - 15%
    Paul - 10%


    Mitt - 43%
    Santorum - 33%
    Newt - 15%
    Paul - 9%

    Everyone else drops out... or should. Mitt seals it. Beats Obama

  3. Mitt Romney is going to win all three primaries tonight. It does not matter by what percentages because a win is a win at this point. I pray Newt will back out, he does not have the money to continue but I hope his ego doesn't start to finance his campaign. Ron Paul really should have stopped awhile ago, so hopefully tonight will be the night. I highly doubt that Santorum will drop out tonight. He will want to at least go to PA for their primary. However, his slim chance will be much slimmer after tonight. Go Mitt!

  4. At this point, I feel rather confident that no one will drop out until the very end. Maybe Newt, but the other three will remain.

    The idea being that if they can succeed in taking away enough delegates from Mitt, then it will go into an open convention which would once again give a final strong chance to each candidate.

  5. DC:

    Mitt - 59%
    Santorum - 38%
    Newt - 2%
    Paul - 1%


    Mitt - 45%
    Santorum - 30%
    Newt - 19%
    Paul - 6%


    Mitt - 45%
    Santorum - 32%
    PAUL - 18%
    NEWT- 5%

    Sweeeeeeeep for Mitt.

  6. Mittens surely had a good ass pounding at the ol' country club tonight by George.

    "Honey get my dildo , know,...the one that goes Flippity Flop"