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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Late-April GOP Primaries

This post may be moot, but in sticking with the tradition established at The Elephant in the Room, any GOP Primary is "blog-worthy."

Even though Mitt Romney is the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island will still be holding primaries today.

As always, a few questions for discussion:

- Will there be a surprise surge for Newt Gingrich and/or Ron Paul?
- Will GOP turnout soar or sag? With the nomination nearly locked up, will voters stay home or show their support?
- Will Tuesday spell the end for the Gingrich and Paul campaigns?
- Predictions about percentages?
- Are there any additional questions you'd like to ask to our readers in the comments section below?

Any and all views/opinions are welcomed.


  1. Predictions: Romney gets 75% or greater in every state. Ron Paul gets at least 20% (maybe a little more). Newt gets less than 5% and drops out.

  2. GOP turnout will be low and Barack Obama wins the night!

    Obama 2012