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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Have to Admit: This Hyperbolic Youtube Clip Made Me Laugh

So of course, being tax month, I had to find a Youtube clip about taxation. It's silly... I'll admit it. Typically I don't get into kitchy internet videos about politics, but this one did make me laugh a little. It's snide, and it makes few points, but it starts a conversation about taxation (you know I just love that).

What do you think? When discussing taxes with my friends, I tend to remind them of alllllllllll the taxes they pay in one day. I typically say something like, "you woke up in a bed on which you paid taxes... your cell phone alarm woke you up, and you paid taxes on that... you brushed your teeth and paid taxes on the tooth brush, etc." I wish this video went down that path, but alas, it still starts a tax conversation.

What's your opinion? Mine, briefly: the government spends $3.818 trillion every year. That's nearly 4 times the yearly average income of each American. Even with every single tax we pay, the government falls short by trillions. How? Maybe we wouldn't need all these taxes if the government just spent less? Maybe? Ugh!


  1. Good afternoon LME. I got a chuckle out of the video too.

    I always find it amusing when people who have a NEGATIVE tax bracket (i.e. they get back more than they paid in) complain about people paying their fair share. It's even funnier when they say, "I pay my fair share". Uh, negative 10% is your fair but someone else that pays a POSITIVE percentage somehow isn't enough? How does that work?

    Here is a great example of that. This union goon showed up at a GE annual shareholder meeting to present GE CEO Jeff Immelt with a $26 Billion tax bill.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

    I saw this article and it aroused my curiosity. The most interesting part to me was:

    "Mr. Immelt, when are you going to pay the $26 billion in taxes," asked Shyquetta McElroy, a mother of two who traveled from Milwaukee. "I pay my taxes year after year — why doesn't GE?"

    Hey since you brought up your taxes Shyquetta, could we see them please?

    Shyquetta is a member of the SEIU. In fact this isn’t her first exposure to political activism. Check out this youtube video of her:

    I don’t know about you, but, I always took my sick child to the doctor not a hospital(emergency room) and another hospital and another hospital.

    First off, Shyquetta is 23 or 24 years old. Stories report that she has 2 children. I seriously doubt that she pays any taxes. If she qualifies for government assistance (Badgercare) her income isn’t that high. If her income isn’t that high and she has two children she is getting back MORE than she paid in which would give her a negative tax rate which means that she is subsidized by taxpayers not a taxpayer. See the difference?

    A couple of questions for Shyquetta:
    1. Who is watching your children while you made the 385 mile (one way) trip to Detroit from Milwaukee?
    2. How did you get there; did you drive or take the SEIU bus?
    3. You mentioned you pay your taxes year after year; I noticed you were arrested for driving on a suspended registration. Wouldn’t that mean that one year you didn’t pay your registration fees (which is basically a TAX to drive)?

  2. Well it looks like the elephant pooped in the room again.

    Always with this tax lie.

    Yes taxes will go up for the people who make more than a quarter million a year. So what?

    Booo F'n Hooo. Cry me a river

  3. I will make this easy for you because I feel sorry for mentally challenged people like you.

    Point out the lie. It's an easy one. Your six year old mind can stand by what you say, right?


    Someone who is tired of childish liberals who cry and yell but don't have a clue

  4. @LME Thanks for the laugh. Like the old adage says: Only two things in this life are certain, Death and Taxes.

    It's so true that we are all taxed, either directly - or indirectly, in every aspect of our lives. That said, I think that if we were to look into the federal tax records of those who stomp the streets, wave signs and cry 'fair share' we'd find that many, if not most, pay little or no federal income tax, and many more would be among those who receive refunds in excess of what they should/would have paid...

    And that's 'fair' - how?

    @Slim - Thanks for the links. It's always interesting to see the background of these 'activists'.

    I'd have another couple of questions for Shyquetta:
    * Where is the kids' dad(s)?
    * Why is he not contributing to their care?
    * Are you not aware that most states have programs in place to assure that HE contributes HIS 'fair share' to raise and care for HIS kids?
    * Why should the taxpayers be burdened with a responsibility that you and your partner created?

    @Anonymous 9:04 p.m. Again, you missed the point - MANY people who make 'more than a quarter million a year' are small business owners - people who EMPLOY other people. Higher taxes = LESS jobs.

    Taking more from them, just to dump it into useless, wasteful and personal incentive-killing programs is just plain stupid, a condition you seem to share with America's Spendthrift in Chief.