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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Washington Caucus

This one kind of snuck up on everyone. It hasn't received much press, but yes, it is today. This is a non-binding caucus, and the little press coverage it has received has claimed that Ron Paul is a the current favorite. Four years ago, Mitt Romney did not do well here.

Key Questions: 

Who will win the Washington Caucus?
If Ron Paul does not win, will he at least finish in second place?
Is this state crucial for Mitt Romney? Can he overlook Washington?
What about Santorum and Newt? How will they do?
Will this state provide a much-needed boost going into Super Tuesday?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ron Paul has this locked up. End of story.

    1. You Ron Paul supporters seem to be nearly as delusional as the 0bamacons.

      By the way, how many of these primaries/caucuses has the good doctor won? NONE!!!!!!!!! No wonder you think he has locked it up. LOL

  2. Nope. Just give up on Paul

  3. I just saw the results... Romney was first, Paul second. Which makes sense to me as Wash. seems overloaded with liberals (Romney) and owsers (Paul).

    Off topic - or maybe not - my 81 yr. old mother, a die-hard, liberal Democrat, called last night asking what I thought of Santorum. I about fell off my chair! As the conversation progressed, she told me she will NOT vote for Obama (again), said he lies and she doesn't trust him... wouldn't vote for him if he promised her a job AND a pocketful of money!

    This will be the FIRST time in her life that she'll be voting across the party line.

    One down - several million to go!

    1. Probably because your mother is an easily influenced racist.
      Most people that age have a lot of hidden racism.

      Obama has it all locked up though. All Obama has to do is run a reel of all the fucked up things coming out of the GOP nominees mouth. Whoever that might be.

    2. This has to be the most ignorant comment on here. Most people at that age have a lot of racism? Prove it. It's easy to make a statement like that, but when you're challenged for proof, I'd like to see what you have.

      It's funny that you say Obama has it all locked up as long as he runs reels of anything coming out of the GOP nominees' mouths? What about things that come out of Obama's mouth:

      I will close Gitmo: Fail
      If I don't turn the economy around in 3 years I'll be a one-term president: Fail

      The list goes on and on

      You shouldn't back yourself into a corner like that.

    3. He tried to close Gimo. No state would take the prisoners.
      No country would either.

      And Obama has turned the country around. Unemployment is down stocks are up and things are lot better then they would have been with McCain.

      Old people are Rasist. It's a fact. They come from a differnt time.

      Backed into a corner ? No

    4. So if someone promises something just to sound good to get elected but doesn't fulfill that promise, somehow it isn't a broken promise? That is a complete failure of leadership. He shouldn't have made the promise.

      Turned the country around? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL 24 million people still out of work? "I will bring the unemployment rate to below 8% by the end of 2010." Fail. It's at 8.3%, and that doesn't even consider how many people sadly just flat gave up. Incomes have fallen over the past 3 and a half years, and what do we have to show for it. DEBT! So, how has he "turned the country around?" You have to be the most ignorant, blind person there is. At what point would you give up on Obama and just admit he has failed. And pointing out McCain,... you must lOVE making comments you cannot prove.

      Saying old people are racist is one of the most ignorant things you can say. You have no proof of this, and simply saying it exists doesn't make it true.

      Backed into a corner.., yes, and you look like a blind fool.

    5. You are a sad and silly little fool.

      Obama is going to crush Mitt. You are a looser

    6. The good ol plays of a liberal: when faced with facts and information, resort to name calling and avoid any kind of rebuttal.

      And by the way, it's "loser."

      Also, again, going along with the "back what you say" mantra that I love this blog for: NOTHING shows this is true "Obama is going to crush Mitt." Nothing. So, again, it appears you're talking out of your rear.

      I also noticed you didn't answer this: At what point would you give up on Obama and just admit he has failed.

    7. Your question is stupid. And no I mean Loooooooooooser .
      All of this "backed with facts bullshit" is what makes you look like a sill fool.
      I don't report to you. And what "facts" have you presented?
      I laugh at you all day.

    8. So it's bullshit to ask someone who makes a claim to back it with some kind of proof. We in the adult world laugh at the liberals in their childish little world. You make claims and you can't back them (you still haven't backed anything you have said). You look really foolish. Give SOME evidence to support something you are saying. Some. If not, you look ignorant, and you lose any debate to anyone that challenges you.

      Me, facts? I HAVE NOT MADE A CLAIM. You made claims, you need to back them. It is on you to step up to the plate to be a big boy and put some evidence behind what you said. Again, if not, you look childish.