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Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9, 2012 - Morning Headlines

Morning Headlines:

- Greek debt holders have agreed to a bond settlement which would help the struggling country avoid bankruptcy. Most bond holders will experience significant losses (CNN):

- The U.S. and Afghanistan have reached a deal on the handover of Afghan prisons (Fox News):

- The leader of the Syrian opposition group says that talks and negotiations suggested by former U.N. leader Kofi Annan would be "unrealistic" and a "waste of time." (CBS News):;cbsCarousel


  1. Here is another headline:

    NAACP Asking U.N. Human Rights Council to Condemn American Voter ID Laws

    What's the rub with showing an ID to vote? If I want to fly I have to show an ID, go through a body scanner, and some TSA agent may want to fondle me.

    If I go to a Tennessee state government building, guess what I have to produce to get in. That's right an ID.

    If I need to go the Federal building and deal with the IRS guess what the first thing they ask for is. That's right my ID. Then I have to empty my pockets and go through security.

    If I want to buy a six pack of beer guess what they ask me for. Yep, you guessed it, my ID.

    I have never applied for food stamps but since that happens in either a state or federal building (I don't know which for sure, like I said I have never dreamed of getting them)I would imagine that you are going to have to produce a photo ID to get in the stinking building.

    How is it the NAACP is worked up over an ID to vote yet they remain silent on having to produce it get handouts from the government, to get on a plane, to get in a state building, and to get in a federal building.

    One in six American's receive government assistance. These would be the same exact people that Benjamin Jealous is concerned about being disenfranchised. Mr. Jealous, why can't they just use the very same ID that got them in the state or federal building to get their gubmint assistance? Would that be too awful hard? No, it wouldn't, but, it may allow us time to talk about the bang up job 0bama is doing and we know that wouldn't be good for Barry.

    1. 32slim32 - good morning, and happy Friday!

      I do completely agree, and I can't understand how something as (what I would think would be exactly how it should be) simple and expected as proving your identity with an ID of some sort while voting is RACIST?! What?!

      When I vote (I live in Maryland), they ask me who I am, I sign my name on some sort of roster sheet, AND I have to show a copy of my ID to ensure I am who I say I am. How could this possibly be misconstrued as racist? The law would not ask only one race to present ID while another one does not. It is for ALL who wish to vote to simply show that you are who you say you are. This prevents people from voting more than once. There are numerous precincts around me. If I didn't have to show an ID, what would stop me from going to precinct A and claiming to be "Mike Smith." They would find my name on the list next to Mike Smith, and without verifying who I am, I can say I am that random person and vote in his place. I could do the next thing for precinct B and so on. What stops it? Voter fraud is something that has plagued our elections as well as many elections around the world. Taking a measure to curb this is the right thing to do in my opinion. Mixing up an identification card with a race card, to me, is very dangerous and unacceptable.

    2. LME....they aren't crying racism, yet. They are saying it disenfranchises them, some how. Apparently, showing ID to get gubmint assistance isn't disenfranchising to the poor and downtrodden but showing that same ID to vote is. Go figure.

      I think the real problem with ID for the Democrats is it messes up their routine, you know, "Vote early and vote often".