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Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 8, 2012 - Morning Headlines

Morning Headlines:

- Our sun has set off a serious of solar flares has sent radiation towards earth. This radiation could possibly disrupt communication, GPS, and cell technology signals (Fox News):

- A low-level speculation about a Romney - Santorum ticket (ABC News):

- The House is expected to vote today on a bill designed to aid small businesses (CNN):

- Lottery winner living on food stamps? This woman says it's justified (Yahoo!):


  1. @Lottery winner on food stamps

    Prime example of the type of attitude that corrupts and ruins our nation; pure selfishness and greed.

    In the interview with her, she truly tried to say that she still deserved the food stamps just as much as anyone else because 'she was still struggling to get by, and the post lump-sum, post-tax winnings were only a little over $500k"


    1. Good morning RKen.

      I agree 100% with you. I imagine you were choking back the tears like I was reading about her struggles. The poor girl has bills to pay, two houses and only $500,000 cash but no income.

      Maybe LME can set up a fund or someth9ing that we can all contribute to help this poor girl out. LOL

      First off, she doesn't have enough money to buy her own groceries but she has money for lottery tickets. Then after winning a MILLION dollars she still can't afford to buy her own groceries with ONLY $500,000 cash.

      As appalling as this story is, it reminds of another story from a few months ago. A school superintendent was fired and given nearly a MILLION dollar buyout and she wanted unemployment benefits too. Link below:

      The school superintendent after a $905,000 buy out from taxpayers says that taxpayers need to ante up another $573 per week for her unemployment. Give me a break. I bet she signed up for food stamps too since she has no income and all.

      It makes me wonder what other forms of public assistance the lottery winner is receiving. Is she still drawing unemployment? Are taxpayers helping pay her utility bills? If so, on both houses or just the old one?

      Michigan is also home to Leroy Fick. Leroy won $2 MILLION in the lottery and still continued to draw food stamps too.

      Here is the extremely funny thing. Both lottery winners have the same story-- I have done nothing wrong. I'm sorry, when you swiped that card after winning a million bucks, you defrauded the taxpayers, in my opinion.

      Poor old Leroy was on disability and drawing food stamps yet amazingly found the spare change for some lottery tickets. Are we to believe that both of these food stamp lotto winners only bought one ticket? What are the amazingly lucky odds of that?

      I think the best way to the tax the poor is to tax lottery tickets. The poor don't have money for taxes or groceries but they always have money for those lotto tickets.

    2. A fund? You know, I would be for that. I am in strong favor of charity being OPTIONAL. I have no problem helping people. I am against the government FORCING it on people. To me, progressive tax rates do that. People that pay higher taxes are forced to pay into "charity" (yes, this, to me is welfare)... when people should have a flat tax rate and should choose to help if they want to.

      See, there ya go... firing me up on the 1 issue I truly, truly care about: taxation! Way to go! lol