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Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 22, 2012 - Morning Headlines

Morning Headlines:

- After not hearing from Mohammed Merah over night, French police report that shooting has broken out at the house he is holed up in (CNN):

- Former Florida governor Jeb Bush has formally endorsed Mitt Romney to win the GOP nomination (Fox News):

- Hundreds honor Trayvon Martin while seeking justice in the 17 year old's killing. Supporters marched in New York City in what they call the Million hoodie march (MSNBC):


  1. Another wonderful story from the OWS crowd:

    NYPD Says OWS Dumped Feces & Urine In ATM Vestibule And Down Stairs

    I can't understand why anyone doesn't take them seriously. What's next? Lighting a bag of dog poo and ringing a bankers door bell?

    I am so sick of these morons. I am all for free speech and protesting but this (and many of their other stunts) is just too much.

    0bama and the Democrats must be ever so proud of their base.

  2. The Trayvon Martin story is horrible and sad. It is just terrible. That being said, I have a couple of questions. First, how do hundreds of supporters make a "Million Hoodie March"? Wouldn't "Thousand Hoodie March" be more accurate? Second, why are some alleged news outlets still referring to the shooter as white when he appears to be Hispanic?

    1. 32slim32 - good morning!

      Yes... I do completely agree with you. To sum it up, I'll just post what I put on a friend's Facebook wall when he had a post up about this being white v. black:

      "An absolutely horrendous tragedy. The only thing I say, as someone who is HUGE on truth no matter what side it falls on, is that in the push for justice, we must keep our heads clear. I hate to see a big racial issue made out of this as I have already seen left and right. The article posted above claims this is white and black. If that were the facts, okay... but Zimmerman himself, news reports and his family say George Zimmerman is Hispanic. It appears it isn't black and white as the media is just rushing to show.

      The other facts of the case remain unaffected, and I hope they can find another few witnesses, as the prosecutor's office is trying to do... and I hope for his loved ones, Martin's memory is cherished above all."

      I really hope this doesn't turn into a media-fed racial issue. I really hope everyone can just keep their head clear.

  3. This Mitt Romney Etch a Sketch shit is getting sooooooooooooooooooo stupid. It's another example of how the press is taking something and twisting it around to hurt the GOP.

    Mitt's campaign boss was making a point that he would be able to switch his CAMPAIGN'S strategy from focusing on the GOP field to focusing on Obama. Yes, that would be a fresh start. He is NOT changing his positions.

    The media is putting this etch a sketch thing all over the place:

    Yahoo has it. MSNBC has it. But I bet if you asked 100 voters, they wouldn't be able to tell you what it's about, what was meant by it, or anything. They just see the headlines and are like, "oh, yah, Mitt is a bad guy... mr. etch a sketch."

    It makes me sick. F&&& the media.

    1. Again, why are you blaming this on the media when Santorum is holding a press conference holding up an etch & sketch pad?

      This again is more (at the very least, equally) a result of the GOP alienating its own members than the media attempting to promote bias.

    2. I forgot to mention the fact that the Gingrich campaign setup a website with the etch a sketch pad.

      Yeah, this is definitely more the GOP hurting itself. Not the media hurting the GOP.

    3. Good afternoon! I'm swamped at work, so I have to keep it quick.

      My opinion is that I can see all sides. The anon poster here, 32slim32's, RKen's and RLancaster's from the RP.

      I agree with anon and RLancaster (I think it's safe to put them in the same group) that yes, it is the media that is blowing this wayyyyy out of proportion. To me, anon's line is very true, "But I bet if you asked 100 voters, they wouldn't be able to tell you what it's about, what was meant by it, or anything. They just see the headlines and are like, "oh, yah, Mitt is a bad guy... mr. etch a sketch." I think the media is banking on this. I do agree 100% with Rlancaster that this etch a sketch thing was taken way out of context, and I also agree that they are continually talking about this (something that, to me, is very insignificant) and keeping it in the headlines to sway the minds of voters negatively against Mitt.

      I can see RKen's point and 32slim32's as well. I totally agree that a thick skin is needed, but also, facts have to be true. To me, taking something like this etch a sketch stuff out of context is sleazy. Rken, I absolutely agree that the GOP is alienating its own members ( I think Rlancaster sums it up by saying shame on them)... but I also think that yes, that because of media bias, they are constantly (and I think over-doing it) publishing negatively-associated headlines about this issue. Gingrich and Santorum, as you've pointed out, are joining in. I think Rlancaster's post about "red little toys" was directed at them (bringing them out at press conferences and such).

      So yah, I think everyone has a good point here. If it was a perfect world, Santorum and Gingrich wouldn't be acting like this... and the media wouldn't be blasting us with headline after headline about 1 completely misconstrued line a Romney adviser said.

      I hope that sums it up. I've been slacking on a lot of great discussions lately... things are getting busy. Hope all is well for everyone!

    4. Yeah, we see eye to eye on this pretty well.

      I only wish the media would put as much focus and attention on the differences between proposed plans of action candidates have, rather than these meaningless political games.

    5. I have no tears for Trayvon Martin. I have a fear that if I start to cry, I may never stop. I might remember the many that have been killed with no justice. RIP Trayvon.