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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Maine Republican Caucus

This open forum is dedicated to the Maine Republican Caucus. 

After Santorum's three-state sweep in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri, the republican nomination process just got very interesting. The candidates are now waiting on the polls to close in Maine which as been holding a week-long caucus.

It seems there is another little spoke in the wheels with this caucus: reports are showing that Ron Paul is the favorite to win Maine. We do not think this is "good" nor "bad" (it must be known that this blog does not yet endorse one GOP candidate since we favor any of the four candidates over Obama), but a Paul win would certainly make the race even more interesting while energizing the Paul camp.

Additionally, take a look at this interesting video from the Rachel Maddow show:

% Source: Youtube -

It certainly is an interesting segment, and it raises some key points. Perhaps Mitt Romney isn't the inevitable. Perhaps Ron Paul is in it until the end. We shall see. How long will it last?

Of course, there are the usual questions:

- Who do you think will win the Maine caucus?
- Who finishes where? Got any predictions for the percentages of votes cast for each candidate?
- Will there be any surprises?
- If Paul wins, what does it mean for Romney?
- If Romney upsets Paul, how does that bode for the Paul campaign?
- Can Newt survive non-first or second-place finish?
- Who drops out? Who goes on?
- What will the turnout be?

Be sure to give your opinions below. Thank you.


Mitt Romney wins the Maine Caucus:

Mitt Romney: 39%
Ron Paul: 36%
Rick Santorum: 18%
Newt Gingrich: 6%

What do you think of the results? What happens after this?


  1. Ron Paul is getting 53% easily

    1. Ron Paul will be the winner, but not by that much. Santorum will do better than expected, and will take the evangelical vote, small as it is here.

      Paul: 42%
      Romney: 35%
      Santorum: 17%
      Gingrich: 6%

  2. I believe Ron Paul wins but the Mainstream Presstitute Media will play it down as Maine being a small state. I also predict there will be another news story of some sort that gets all the coverage with Ron's win just being a sidenote.

  3. I believe we will see a win for Paul announced later as was the case with Santorum in Iowa