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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CNN Republican Debate From Mesa, Arizona - February 22, 2012

Perhaps the most important debate to date, the GOP presidential candidates take the stage for the first time in nearly a month. With the Arizona and Michigan Primaries on the horizon, this debate is a chance for the candidates to plead their cases to these states' voters.

Pre-Debate Questions:

Who do you think will win the CNN Republican debate?
Who has the most to lose?
Is this a "make or break" debate for Mitt Romney?
Will Rick Santorum be at the center of the attacks?

Post-Debate Questions:

Who won the Arizona Debate?
Did this debate change your mind about any candidates?
Who had the worst night?
What was the biggest surprise? The biggest gaffe?
What grade would you give to each candidate?

Most importantly: Who wins AZ? What about MI? Who drops out after these primaries?

Please share your opinions/analysis below. Thank you!


  1. Romney will win the debate because he has laid low recently. Santorum will be the center of attention and will get attacked and won't be prepared. Newt will do well, but it will be too little, too late. Paul will say the same things over and over and he will ramble and shake and his supporters will claim there was some media conspiracy against him.

  2. Romney will win the debate. Depending on which Newt shows up will determine how much of a challenge he will give Mitt. Santorum will come in third unless newt stumbles. Ron Paul will come in last and we will hear his supporters tell us that he won the debate but the media is distorting the truth. If Mitt does win than it should assure a victory in both Michigan and Arizona.

  3. Ron Paul has won every debate so far. All the rest just spout noise. The only thing that matters is personal liberty, and since Paul is the only one that seems to care about it, he wins. These Rinos just want the power.

    Ron Paul 2012

  4. Here we go. Ron Paul is going to rock these clowns.

  5. ron paul clearly won. the others are stooges.

  6. Santorum got BITCH SLAPPED by every man on stage. I would have said every (OTHER MAN) but I see Ricky as a delusional "boy".

    Note to Rick - America is made up of a lot of people, not just Christians.
    Jewish citizens are not impressed when you say "Judea Christian" Values because everything you say is "Jesus this, and Jesus that"
    We also have Buddhists, Muslims and Atheists.

    We had a retarded religious nut (BUSH) as President and every Republican to this day is paying the price.

    F'Ck Rick Santorum in his self righteous Ass ! ! !

    Ron Paul was funny. I like him. His world views are only scary if you are going with a certain flow to agree with other so-called conservatives.
    He's a terrible speaker, but so was Lincoln.....

    -Snake Plissken

  7. save our republic ron, that is what the pledge of allegiance is, to the republic NOT DEMOCRACY the founding fathers never used the word democracy ,cuz its a scam .ron paul 2012

    1. Ah yes. Three Ron Paul supporters showing they are too stoned or uneducated to write. Yes, that's who we want.

      I have to ask. Do you guys love marijuana so much that you're willing to sacrifice America's security for it. Stop with the games. You act like you care about the Fed but half of you can't spell it. You have no idea what it's for. You act like you care about freedom and liberty. I'd rather you just be honest and show what you really care about: legalizing drugs. That's it. Just tell the truth. Stop with these games. It's all fake. You are following a crotchety old man who can't talk without shaking, willing to try to talk (laughable) with a rogue nation that is seeking nuclear weapons, all in the sake of marijuana. Just be real. Stop pretending.

    2. Can you explain how legalizing Pot will make us LESS secure ?

      Pin Head?

      YOU sound like a "crotchety old man who can't talk without shaking"

      What's wrong? Intolerant of other peoples views ?

      Or a sleeeeeeezy Zionist ?

      Both :)

      Good for you S#iT Head :)

  8. Mitt - A- (would have been an A+, but i gotta admit his "what is the biggest misconception" answer was weak. I will say, however, that this is a shit question. CNN is just baiting them to give Obama soundbites in the fall)

    Newt - Close to Romney B + No faults, nothing super, super strong.

    Paul - C Dr. Rambles did just that. Rambled. He even made up some words at one point. He got off on so many tangents that I don't know where he stands sometimes. He is true to his intentions: Following the constitution, but man, this guy is an old, shaky loon.

    Santorum D - Not a total disaster because he does speak from the heart, but the nomination was his to lose and he showed how we he was. You can't get murdered like he did last night and think you will beat Obama.

    Just my take

  9. @MN 4 Rick,

    So out of all that all you can come up with is his views on legalizing marijuana? According to you I guess most of the military must be "stoned" also.

    1. Nice irrational link of things that aren't related.

      NO! As I said, Ron Paul supporters are so fixated on one thing that they will:

      1. Act like they care about other positions when they have no clue what they're talking about (The Constitution, the Fed, how fiat money works, foreign relations)

      2. Rally and go nuts like a bunch of liberals

      It's crazy. Ron Paul supporters are basically liberal, yet they slam on conservatives for being RINOs? They are all about legalizing marijuana, but, from the "most conservative member of the GOP" he has one of the most liberal positions.

      I have made my point.

    2. If I may, I believe Scorpio's point is that measurably more than any other candidate by a good margin, Ron Paul has earned campaign support from many people/groups associated with our military. And by you implicating that 'Ron Paul supporters are fixated on marijuana legalization', you're indirectly accusing his majority of military support being concerned with just that issue.

      I don't necessarily agree with that point, as it distracts from the main argument, but figured I'd clarify it.

      That said, I still don't agree with the stereotype of 'Ron Paul supporters just want legal pot.' He's the only Libertarian in the race, and believe it or not Libertarian ideals are rather popular. Most people, particularly in the GOP, are Libertarian in some sense. Especially those particularly focused on the Constitution.

      Being Libertarian isn't about 'legal pot'; it's about keeping government small and putting the maintaining of our freedoms as the #1 priority. And prohibition is in fact limiting freedoms. Whether you agree with that or not is the true issue here, and not the overly specific argument of whether pot should be legal.

      I’m not even a Ron Paul supporter, and in fact have major disagreements with him on quite a few issues. But that doesn’t mean I dismiss all his ideas as asinine, as he has some good ones too.

      And frankly, I’m of the frame of mind that our out of control spending is far more of a national security threat than whether or not we maintain 500 different military bases across the world.

      Our involvement as part of the ‘world police’ as only brought more hatred, violence, and death to American citizens than actual ‘security.’ And if our debt keeps growing like this, one day we will not have the money available to us to spend our way through a war if we needed to.