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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Hampshire Primary - January 10th 2012

With this being the first primary of the election year, our post pretty much asks the same questions as with the Iowa Caucus:

Before the primary:

- Who do you think will win?
     - Rank who finishes where. Can you give a breakdown for the percentage of votes earned by each  candidate?
     - How big will Romney's win be?
- Who will be the biggest surprise?
- Who is closest to dropping out?

After the primary:

- Who won the New Hampshire primary? Why do you think this happened?
- Will the winner of the New Hampshire primary win the South Carolina primary?
- Will the winner go on to be the GOP nominee?
- Can the winner beat Obama?
- What was the biggest surprise?
- Who drops out?

Other questions, thoughts, etc. Give your opinions below. Thank you.


  1. First!

    RP wins. Look at the polls. He is doing even better than expected in NH

  2. Good morning!

    Mitt: 48%
    Huntsman (yah, my dark horse): 22%
    Santorum (Iowa was a fluke): 9%
    Gingrich: 9%
    Paul: 8%
    Perry: 4%

    - DN Nanthan

    Biggest surprise: Paul's low turnout
    Closest to dropping out: Perry, and he does. No more reassessing, he is done.

  3. Mitt: 30%
    Paul: 28%
    Gingrich: 18%
    Santorum: 9%
    Huntsman: 8%
    Perry: 7%

    The biggest surprise, though it shouldn't surprise anyone is how much Paul eats Romney's lead. And the fact that Santorum is shown to be an Iowa flub. Perry is gone.

  4. Damn, peg

    So your numbers seem the most realistic. Can i not write out mine and just say I 100% agree with yours?

  5. I have a feeing Romney and Santorum both shot themselves in the foot with their heathcare comments. I am now in a wait and see mode.

  6. @mya

    What did I miss? Which comments are you referring to?

    And come on, girl! Join the club. What are your percentages? :-)

  7. I'm not giving percentages but if Romney doesn't win he should bow out of the race. I think Huntsman finishes second as he seems to be one of the only candidates (if not THE only) that is gaining momentum. Paul finishes third. Perry is closest to dropping out although I think he'll wait until after he busts in SC before he does (he has done nothing in NH). The biggest surprise I think will be the Huntsman turnout. NH seems to give everyone a fair shake and I don't believe that Huntsman has gotten his but will today.

  8. Ron Paul will win. NH is the live FREE or die. Only Paul supports true freedom as it was intended. All the other RINOs have no chance.

  9. I think Perry will win


    Newt is the smartest of the group. He knows history. He speaks the truth no matter how harsh it is. That's what we need.

  10. Ron Paul consistently wins the most conservative congressman award but the only people who like him are drug-loving liberals. Hey liberals... do you love Paul so much that you are willing to vote for the most conservative guy out there?

    He has no chance, btw.

  11. Haha I am absolutely stunned when people say Paul can't win. It's like saying "I hate freedom"

  12. Paul: 26%
    Mitt: 23%
    Huntsman: 21%
    Gingrich: 16%
    Santorum: 11%
    Perry: 3%

    Warmongers and presstitutes will say and do anything to marginalize the good Dr Ron Paul.

    Once in a while you can get shown the light in the strangest places if you look at it right,

    Ron Paul 2012!!!

  13. Romney will win and be President in 2012. He has the experience needed. His business background is so needed as President. He was a successful governor and businessman. He listens and can work with others. He has shown the flexibility to work with both parties and those who range from conservative to liberal. The business experience and interactions he has had works perfectly when dealing and interacting with other countries and their leaders. He has contact with many Republicans
    who would be great in many of the cabinet posts, Vice-President, Secretary of State and on and on. Romney is definitely my choice and this is after listening to all the debates and researching each candidate.

    Mitt Romney - President 2012

  14. Romney will win by a small margin...maybe he should bow out since he really is not liked very much by the American people...only the media.
    Ron Paul second...
    Huntsman or NEWT 3rd.

  15. Anonymous poster who finished with "Mitt Romney - President 2012"

    That was probably the best, most well written thing on here. Took the words out of my mouth.

  16. Mitt should go back to Planet Romulack and figure out what he really believes because we can't.

    Ron Paul 2012

    -Snake Blissken

  17. Live Free or Diebold electronic voting machines...

  18. It's Romney TimeJanuary 10, 2012 at 4:19 PM

    Romney showing a 2 to 1 lead as they count votes on CNN. GO Mitt!

  19. HAHAHAHAH exit polls and the actual polls that have closed early show Perry getting virtually nothing. He is gone!

  20. Are all you Paul supporters surprised? All I can say is "DUH!" Romney is the best way to beat Obama... and he will.

  21. What is the breaking point for Huntsman? Is it 18% he is in, 17 he drops out?

  22. You all get pink slips for drinking on the job, slurring stupid shite like Romney can win. LoL.

  23. Mitt Romney for PresidentJanuary 10, 2012 at 6:10 PM

    What are you talking about? Romney is the only candidate in national polls who is ABOVE Obama.

    Care to revise your BS statement?

  24. Ron Paul will ultimately beat Obama by a landslide.

  25. Are you that stoned? Do you really think that rambling fool will even get the nomination? Seriously, dude... put the joint down. Just start backing Romney now; he is the only chance we have to get Obama out.

  26. What about a Romney/Paul ticket? Best of both worlds... eh? eh?

  27. Liberals will find out that they DO NOT RULE.

    Ever think who God would want in office?

    It certainly would not be the first 3 in N.H.

  28. Ron Paul gaining momentum with every stop on the trail.

  29. Didn't another candidate run on the "train?" Yah, how did he do again?

  30. @Anonymous (Jan 11, 2012 07:42 AM) - Who cares who God would want??? And if you care who God would want, perhaps you should me to a country governed by religion like Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc., etc.. I prefer my government free of religious influence!

  31. Whatsamattausa - good morning to you!

    Yes, as you probably already knew, I do agree with you on this. The anonymous poster certainly has a right to his/her opinion(s), but I respectfully disagree with them. It more than likely goes against the conservative grain, but I also am big on the separation of church and state. I'm not anti-religious by any means, but I think that the First Amendment's rights and provisions should be maintained. This is probably the biggest issue you and I see eye-to-eye on. Nothing personal against the anonymous poster, but I most definitely do not agree.

    We are getting a head start on our South Carolina forum. Check it out. Hope all is well my friend. Take care.

  32. God is a Fairy Tale.
    My poop has more substance and is more real. Let me smear it all over politics and give it false meaning. In the end we all will vote for Mitt Romney because he is the biggest turd.

  33. Way to keep it classy... Idiot.