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Friday, December 23, 2011

What Would You Say to Harry Reid and/or John Boehner?

Source: Wikipedia, Public domain
There they are: the "heads" of each of the two parts of our bicameral legislature. With the recent passing of the two-month extension of the payroll tax holiday, what would you say to either or both of these leaders? 

You know we love open forums and civil debates. Post your letters, questions, opinions, views, and anything else you want below. Thank you.


  1. Dear both of you:

    Why do you consistently like to F*** us?


    Every Single American

  2. Have you read through this blog? I follow it. you know they are going to ask for proof. I do agree with this blog in asking for proof. I will probably beat them to it, America. So, what are you referring to when you say they like to F*** us? Proof?

  3. Thanks to both of you.

    Anonymous - yea, I was about to say that. Also, you follow us? By what means? Twitter, blogger, email, bookmarking us and checking in daily? Thank you for your support.

  4. Hey Boehner,

    What's it like to trade in your soul, your manliness, everything? You don't fight for us, you've voted yourself right out of office, pal. Thanks for nothing.

  5. I'm not sure proof is needed on this one... As they say, the proof is in the pudding. These two, along with Cantor and McConnell and Pelosi are ineffective leaders. As a result of their ineffectuality (made up word)and their failure to recognize and take action to remediate, they are f*&%ing America!

  6. Obama, keep playing the class warfare card and the people with wealth will really show you how the tail does NOT wag the dog. People with wealth will simply reposition all of their assets into Deferred and Exempt investments, regardless of yield and watch the tax revenue PLUMMET.

    All you liberals keep mocking the employers and those who provide opportunities for others to support their families. We have just about had enough of this class warfare and ha tred directed towards the people who create opportunity and wealth in this nation. Pi ssand moan all you want but until you take the risks they have and sacrifice decades of your life, you have no idea how to create your own opportunities. You bite the hand which feeds you, literally and then you have the nerve to mock and ridicule those who employ you. You are extremely short sighted and foolish.

    They don't need you. They can simply cease business operations or sell out to a competitor tomorrow and eliminate all jobs they provide. They will then take out their cash and capital from the economy and THEN we will all be in a DEEP RESSION. They can move to Switzerland, Canada, Central America, Carribean or just about anywhere they desire.

    Just remember, your unions chased away all of the manufacturing jobs in this nation with your demands. Next, you will chase away the very people who you NEED for your livelyhood. Obama is driving a wedge in this country and you are too blinded by envy to see it. Once they leave, it will be your meager wealth which will be the target for redistribution. WAKe UP.

    To me it's pathetic that you are unable to think for yourselves...

  7. Hey hey Whatsamattausa -

    Long time no see. Hope everything is well going into the holidays.

    Yah, tough one to prove. I don't think leaders on either side are trying to f*** anyone, though.

    Good to hear from you. As always, hope to hear more, and if we don't soon, Happy Holidays!

  8. LME - Things generally slow down at the end of the year... Not this year (a good thing!) so I haven't been able to stop by as often as I'd like. I agree that I don't think that anyone is intentionally trying to f*&% this country, but damn are they good at it!

    Wishing you and your families happy, healthy, and safe holidays!

  9. Dear 'Dirty' Harry,

    As a lifetime Nevada resident who's been trying to vote you out of office for 30 years, I must say you lived up to your 'screw the pooch' reputation. I just wonder what you and Pelosi have up your corrupt sleeves -in January... what new and exciting atrocity you'll try to sneak into the new bill.

    Thanks again - for nothing, you Old Fossil!

    Dear Speaker Boehner,

    One year vs. two months - this was a no-brainer and you failed. Now you've left yourself (translate: We the People) open to yet more chicanery from the Democrats in the next bill!

    Great job - NOT. You SHOULD be ashamed of yourself, but I doubt that you are - so allow me to be ashamed FOR you!

    Merry Christmas.

    P.S. My your stocking contain nothing but coal.

  10. Mr. Reid,

    What part of "We the People" do you not understand? You should be prosecuted for the decisions you have made against the American people and the hold you and your party have on a biased media.

    Thanks for nothing!

  11. Thank you to all those who posted.

    To the most recent anonymous poster - If you had a choice (I'm not challenging your post, just curious about something specific), which one (or perhaps, some) of his decisions would you prosecute him for? Just like to hear your opinion on this. Thank you.

  12. BONhER is a crying shame. He needs to put out to pasture as he has no other function except to interfere with the lives and well being of the US Citizens. He does us no favors with his constant NO, NO, NO, rhetoric.

  13. Anonymous - Thank you for your post.

    I'm kind of curious, however... give me an example of how he interferes with the lives of US citizens. Please give an example of why you say he is a constant NO NO NO. What are you referring to? Thank you. We hope to hear back from you.

  14. I would ask them why was there no such contentious debate, brinksmanship, hand-wringing, demands for spending offsets, and worry over whether the American people can afford the trillions of dollars that have been funneled to the banks since the crisis of 2008?

  15. Mike Crews - Thank you for this post. This is more in line with what we like to see. Granted, in my opinion, it's a little off topic, but that's fine. We would never restrict what people can say on our blog (unless, it's hateful, dangerous, etc., of course).

  16. And then...? Is this what to expect from this blog? At last, I post something pertinent, and you completely ignored the substance of what I wrote.


  17. Mike - How did I say it wasn't pertinent? How did I ignore it? You're entitled to your opinion, I'm entitled to mine. I said, IN MY OPINION, it's a little off topic considering the post said "With the recent passing of the two-month extension of the payroll tax holiday, what would you say to either or both of these leaders?"

    You're entitled to post whatever you like. That's why we have an open forum. I never said your posting to Reid/Boehner was irrelevant, baseless, or anything of the like. All I responded with was, with respect to the original stated intent of this forum, it was a little off topic. You can disagree with that statement if you want, I respect your opinion.

  18. It's not off topic at all. It is emblematic of what is wrong with Washington. When Wall Street needs help, government responds with astonishing rapidity. When the American worker needs help, there is suddenly a political crisis, even though the amount of money is a fraction of the largesse granted to the banking industry.

  19. Mike - that's fine, you don't have to agree with me that I felt your comment was slightly off topic. I posted this article to see what people had to say with respect to how the Congress handled the payroll tax holiday extension. In my opinion, you took it to a different place which was off topic, in your opinion you didn't. That's all fine.

  20. Do you think my perspective on this question is worth discussing in more detail?

    If so, please start another post where it will be on topic.

    If not, I shall not darken your blog again.

  21. Mike - Actually, I do.

    But, can I offer a counter proposal?

    Since we are an open blog, we really want to expand our scope of who reads and who writes. You obviously feel very passionately about this subject.

    Would you like to write a blog post about it?

    To keep it uniform, I would ask that you write up an entire post, title and all, and email it to us. Obviously we ask that you cite any sources. We would probably title it with “A Deeper Look: XXXXX Your title” or “Another Question for the Congress: XXXX” or whatever you like. We would merely say in the beginning that this did not come from us and it came from someone who wanted to contribute. You can post anonymously, or we can say it came from you. It would get posted as an article and you would have started this debate.

    What do you think?

  22. With that proposal, I'll choose an even better topic. Stand by (gimme a couple hours to write it up).

  23. Mike - Totally fair. You have our email address, right? Once we get it, we will email you back to confirm it, and to establish what kind of mention of the author, title, etc. you would like. Definitely looking forward to it.

  24. I'm going to attack Obama from the left. Hope you enjoy it.

  25. Obama's policies, I mean. Go back to sleep spooks.

  26. Mike - That's fine. The only ground rule we would like to establish is to keep it clean. The more meat and potatoes you can give as proof, the better. Thanks! Did you say if you had our email address?