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Friday, December 30, 2011

READER'S POST #2 - Democracy at its Finest: The Write-In Cain Movement

The Write-In Cain Movement
By: Totus Tuus

On Saturday, Dec. 3 2011, Herman Cain suspended his campaign. Prior to the announcement, my husband gave his prediction. He predicted that if Herman Cain came out swinging he would get more supporters than ever. My husband loathes politics so him giving his 2 cents was quite remarkable. He is still voting for Herman Cain in our primary. We had both made our minds up some time ago. It was a horrible day when we heard Cain announce the suspension of his campaign. We were sure Mr. Cain would come out fighting, but that's easy to say from our vantage point.

Now you can read all kinds of media analysis up one side and down the other. My take? Who cares? We know they want Romney on one side and Obama on the other. We know the media thinks we hired them to do some job and to get paid some good money. Someone needs to tell them they are there as a service to US and they owe US better. After this Herman Cain fiasco they owe us WAY better. That's a rant for another day, however, and believe me, it's coming.

So… what happened to all those people who got on the train and weren't going to get off? We're still on the train! The track has switched to the Underground Railroad and we're still going. We're voting for the person who is the best candidate, and that has not changed. Herman Cain was the same person before Dec 3rd as he was the day after Dec 3rd.

We hear things like, “it’s a wasted vote." To you, maybe, because it's not for your candidate. Maybe your vote is a "wasted vote" for all you know. It seems this was the same scenario we had in 2008, and look where that got us. We will not walk into a voting booth with our noses plugged this time. We're going to vote Herman Cain if he's on the ballot and write him in if he's not. We will be darned PROUD of that vote [Be sure to write-in Herman Cain! If you do a write-in, it MUST be exact or it will get thrown out].

Here's another doozy people demand from us about the write in movement: "stop it!" Our response: “do you think we're actively recruiting people?” We are not! What outsiders don't get is we're not coercing anyone. Voters would write-in or vote for Cain whether we said anything or not. It's a movement that consists of like-minded folks reaching out to each other for support of a common goal.

The final doozy is how we need to "work from the outside." Has anyone ever heard of a program or idea that came from a dropout candidate affecting anything or anyone? Yes! One of the examples someone cited to me was the tea party and the 2010 elections. The tea party evolved from our dissatisfaction with what remained IN the race, and no one can disagree with that. The question for those elected politicians is: what changed?

So who are these people involved in the Herman Cain write-in movement? They are people who are not going to be dissuaded, and they are from every state in the nation. Some appear to be new people who got on board recently. Perhaps after watching enough of the debates they realized how good a candidate Herman Cain really is. There are groups on Facebook, people on Twitter, and I have the feeling they are even people “out there” who are thinking exactly the same thing we are but don't use social media.We've been jumping up and down to get media attention although it might be better we don't. I have lovely thoughts of us coming in from under the radar (“stealth” so to speak) and knocking the MSM off their high horse.

From now until Caucus day in Iowa day (where our main focus is for now) we will be writing letters to the editors and constantly tweeting. We are presently trying to create some ads. Iowans who support Cain will still be wearing their Herman Cain gear. Some will even be wearing their Write-In Cain gear. Many supporters are advertising Write-In Cain gear and the proceeds are going to go for a write in Cain billboard. This is all part of the grassroots effort for Herman Cain.

The focus then shifts to the upcoming state primaries, but for now it remains on Iowa. Herman Cain suspended his campaign. Herman Cain should stand back up, get back in, and let the MSM know that he's with us. We will even try for a brokered convention.

We have become his campaign, and we need our candidate NOW!

We want our vote, and we will have it! Sorry MSM. Sorry GOP elites. Sorry to you silly pundits, too. We are the people, and we will have our!

Herman Cain America is calling. PLEASE answer.

Additional Information:

To put a name behind the movement, Carl Boyd Jr. has been the voice of the Write-In Cain movement on Twitter and Facebook. His radio show is out of Cain's birth state of Tennessee. I should note that there are states where it may not be necessary to write-in Herman Cain. His name will be appearing on many ballots as it is.

Here are some folks behind the efforts for the write in movement:

Facebook groups including write ins for Herman Cain and 75 million for Cain:

Follow the movement on Twitter. The following are those who tweet on a regular basis for the Write-In Cain movement. We generally use the hash tag #writeincain:

Aforementioned Carl Boyd Jr who's leading the charge: @WRITEINCAIN1
Me @ACatholic4Cain                                   

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  1. Herman Cain is a womanizer. Any guy that claims to be christian and cheats on his wife will certainly cheat on his country.

  2. Why try? Cain wouldn't even take the nomination if he won it.

  3. I am a part of the Cain Write In Movement...and PROUD of it. I will stand on the side of what is right. I will not let my voice and my vote, which is guaranteed to me by the Constitution be taken from me by socialist, Alinksy tactics...if Americans do not speak up and out now....I do fear our voices will be silenced forever!

    "Message is more powerful then money....the voice of the people is more powerful than the voice of the media." Herman Cain

  4. New Englanders for Herman CainDecember 30, 2011 at 8:54 AM

    Cain's New Locomotive is heading for the Iowa Station

    As a citizen of another state, I am looking to the people of Iowa to really take charge and .... caucus to vote for Herman Cain. Your state has the ability to set the election right after the dirty politics made a mockery of our system and this country, by using false tactics to silence one of its citizens and his message; one that brought about REAL change to the two headed beast of a government we've been subjected to for too long. Elevating Cain to the winner in your state will send the proper message to Obama, the establishment Republicans and the media that WE are NOT going to be pushed around anymore like pawns in their political games. We will choose our candidates, not have it done for us...and if we can't get the man there himself, we will let the nominee know that Cain's Plan B needs to be their Plan A once in the White House. We want real solutions, not more of the same! Don't let other people out there try to make you feel like no one else feels the way you do....and that you have to give up your voting rights given to you by our Constitution by going along with the status quo....You DO have the ability to get a real historical movement started and stand on the side of what is right. Lead the way, Iowa....and we are right behind you ALL the way!

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  6. @Anonymous: "Herman Cain is a womanizer. Any guy that claims to be christian and cheats on his wife will certainly cheat on his country."
    Based on allegation, supposition, and innuendo. And now that HC's campaign is suspended, the silence from these women is deafening. Coincidence? Methinks, NOT.

    @RP 4 Prez: "Why try? Cain wouldn't even take the nomination if he won it."
    If I recall my US history, George Washington didn't want it either.

  7. I really love all these who poo poo this effort. Herman has not said he wouldn't accept even if he won. He wouldn't be able to say "yes" in a suspended campaign. If he chooses not to accept, our votes still have not been wasted any more than anybody else's vote is wasted. And to Anonymous, how dare you state with any knowledge of wrong-doing that Herman Cain is a womanizer!! You have swallowed exactly what the MSM & political "elites" on both sides of the aisle want you to accept. Then all the accusers "disappeared." convenient! Mr Cain is NOT guilty of anything, IMO, other than wanting to be a voice for We, The People. And he will not be silenced, even if he has to be our advocate from the "outside." Please explain to me HOW anyone is supposed to PROVE their innocence of anything. A negative can't be proven. It was up to the accusers to prove their allegations, & they didn't. My vote, which shall not be wasted, is & will remain with Herman Cain.

  8. Seriously, this is a joke, right?

  9. Go Herman(We The People)Go!!

  10. It's Time for MittDecember 30, 2011 at 11:34 AM

    You know why I can’t get on the Cain train? Because he quit on himself. When faced with adversity, he just said “ok, well, I’m not putting up a fight… see ya!” How can you stand by a guy that is just giving up. Trust me, I liked his 9-9-9. But I don’t like the quit in him.

  11. Herman Cain is a blithering idiot. Everyone who supports him is too stupid to take seriously. The guy quoted "Pokemon" when he dropped out. Are you people nuts ? He has shown himself to be a stupid clown time after time.

    - Snake Plissken

  12. New Englanders for Herman CainDecember 30, 2011 at 1:05 PM

    Regarding...'It's Time for Mitt' comment...

    Not trying to pick any argument, but your comments strike me as curious as Mitt Romney did quit in 2008 when the tough got going for him.

    Cain did not want to do what he did, but it was the ONLY way to save his message and 999 from being lost in the sea of attacks...his message is more important to him than boosting his own political career...THAT is exactly the type of people I'd like to see in DC from here on out!

    He also had to choose his family's well being, particularly his wife's with all that was going on. Mrs. Cain does have a pretty serious heart condition, which is what kept here from being out on the campaign trail with Cain.

    As to anyone that wants to use the tactics put forth by Snake Plissken...your words speak for themselves and your level of understanding any relevant issues.

  13. Anonymous, you have no proof and you know it. Such proof does not exist!

    Where are all these women now? Newt is the womanizer - why do you think his pre-nup says he cannot move more that 8 feet from the Calista-witch?

    "Blithering idiots" do not have degrees in Math and Masters in Computers - BEFORE Affirmative Action (unlike Obama). Quoting Pokeman is so the libs can understand.

    You are right, New Englander! The Cain Train is still on track - keep stoking!

  14. Ok then "New Englanders for Herman Cain said"

    Please....enlighten me. Everything I said is true. The guy is a walking gaff reel. Libya , Pokemon, the whole Obekkie bekie Stannie Stan Stan thing, answering everything with his ridiculous 999 nonsense, not knowing that china has nuclear weapons, He's a horrible debater, has trouble with the English language, got OWNED by David Letterman while he on his show and basically just sounds like an idiot.

    Please tell me about my understanding of relevant issues ! You are the one who is going to be irrelevant by wasting your vote for a guy who dropped out!

    Lets get real.

    -Snake Plissken

  15. my apologies,i left out @CainontheBrain.not intentional. there's so many good ppl out there 'tweeting' for Cain if i left out anyone it was not intentional.Give a heads up and we'll give you a mention.Everyone does such a great job!

  16. New Englanders for Herman CainDecember 30, 2011 at 1:34 PM

    Snake don't want to be want to be angry and hateful towards things you don't understand and call others names. You want to use MSM talking points and not offer any solutions of your own.

    BTW....Ubeki beki beki stan stan makes me LMAO....brilliant humor!!

  17. Wrong "New Englanders for Herman Cain said..."

    Here is a solution for ya : Vote for one of the other 5 candidates WHO ARE STILL IN THE FRIGGIN' RACE !

    Duhhhhhh ! I'm not angry, just flabbergasted at how stupid the people in my party can be sometimes.

    -Snake Plissken

  18. Congrats Totus Tuus....

    You have a troll....always a good sign when people are getting that nervous!!

    Signed a Free thinking, Intelligent, High Educated American

  19. Lots of interesting opinions. Very spirited (hopefully not mean-spirited) debate. Glad to see people can express themselves.

    With this being the last day of the year, every reader that likes our blog should tell one friend. We can beat the mainstream media in the blogosphere!

  20. there is one point i didn't put enough emphasis on and that's the idea that things can be changed "from the outside." My conclusion is fat chance.

  21. This is some great writing Totus Tuus. I am a Herman Supporter and I believe that when people have a chance to really understand his 9-9-9 plan and filter out the truth from the rhetoric about Herman Cain, they too will be on the Cain Train!
    I will write in Herman Cain in Arizona!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Who can beat obama? A CAIN can. Beat him with a CAIN! With a degree from Purdue, one from Morehouse, plus FIVE honorary degrees with Purdue's earned WHILE he was working for the NAVY, CAIN is a genius. And CAIN is proud to show his credentials, draft registration, REAL HARD COPY birth certificate, and passport, unlike some so-called "presidents" we know!

  24. Go Herman(We The people)Go!!

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. I usually don't write or blog and especially don't care for politics. I am going to make an exception simply because I strongly believe in Herman Cain!
    A heads up-I am Totus Tuus' hubby.
    For all those who come in here and make rude comments they do have the right to their own opinions but they don't have the right to try and change or coerce others to change their minds or beliefs.
    The talk of Herman Cain quitting altogether and trying to make others believe this is just
    ludicrosty.It's for those that don't understand what the word suspend means;I NEVER heard him say he was quitting altogether. Yes,he would take the nomination if he won it.
    A lot of times people attack things they fear or do not understand;take for example Herman Cain's 9.9.9 Plan. There are several reasons why this plan is attacked by all sides:
    1. the politicians in DC because they have great power and don't want to give it up.They want all the decision making to be theirs alone.
    2.The 2 party's,Democrat and Republican do not want to see change. Their real deal is even if they DO understand the 9.9.9 plan is that the plan eliminates the IRS. Now what does that mean? All the gov't employees of the IRS would be out of work and these are GOVERNMENT workers. KEY POINT. All the money in our current tax system is in shambles. They say they want to see it straightened up but all that is deceptive. They talk out of both sides of their mouths.
    There's 3 sides to every story. Think about what I am about to say.
    There's your side, my side and the truth.
    For those who have any doubts about Herman Cain's 9.9.9 plan PLEASE watch the following video:
    I for one have hope and faith that God will intervene and put OUR nation on the right track through Herman Cain as our POTUS.
    There is a very well written article re our media by Carl Johnson Sr. This is a MUST read!!
    “Once abolish the God and the government becomes the God.”
    ― G.K. Chesterton
    thanks to all of you-very much-for your time.

  28. all hands on deck for Hermman Cain supporters. We're going to have a Herman Cain Tweeter weekend. If you don't have an account and would like give us a hand-we need LOTTS of ppl-consider signing up.We'll help you out if this is your first time.

    or you may contact here:

  29. Exactly FishingFool!!

  30. First off, I love(d) Herman Cain. Even when he fumbled, he was fun and exciting to listen to - AND economically, he was brilliant... just what we needed.

    His 9.9.9. plan - I'm no economist, but given the craziness of the State tax situation, I didn't think it would work as written.

    I've personally had the misfortune to deal with IRS 'Special Agent' thugs and would have been MORE than happy to see the whole agency dumped.

    BUT, before anyone goes all wonky on me, it had merit and would have been 'tweakable' to work out GREAT for We The People, in my opinion.

    To the issue of his alleged 'indiscretions' - don't know, don't care. What a person does - or does not do - in PRIVATE (legally) is their OWN business. Any issue that arises from the activity SHOULD BE between that person and their family... period.

    In my opionion, those women who came forward AFTER Mr. Cain began to show upward movement in the polls were and are despicable publicity hogs.

    All this fal-de-rahl over sexual behavior escalated the minute we began to have the 'gay rights' people shoving theirs in our faces on a daily basis...

    Content of Character is what counts... as long as everyone involved are consenting (human) adults - I very much prefer they KEEP it behind closed doors.

    Okay, end of rant... ; )

    Personally, I feel the whole nomination proceedure is messed up... ALL of the early focus is on those few states back east - candidates are forced to spend much of their funding (another issue)in those 'caucus' states.

    As a result, when the race comes out west - many candidates are lost to us - our choice of candidate has been effectively 'weeded out' by others.

    When young and VERY foolish - I believed in a man because of his message - I VOTED for Ross Perot... along with 20% of the population... pretty good show for a 'third party'... unfortunately those votes threw the election to Clinton.

    If nothing else, I'm smart enough to learn from my mistakes...

    I wish you the best of luck - and who knows? By the time Nevada primary comes around, Mr. Cain may be on there. If so - he'll have MY vote.

  31. Unless Rick Santorum makes it, too? Decisions, decisions... what fun!

    This is a MUST read. i've passed it around to as many places as possible.

  33. We're now discussing a brokered convention :^)