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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Breaking: The Media Wins! Herman Cain Drops Out!


ABC News:


No proof, no evidence, just a bunch of allegations.

The Media - 1.... The American People - 0

What do you think? Who will the media target next?


  1. Good... One, I thought he was a little too naive (putting it nicely). This latest allegation has legs. he wouldn't have resigned otherwise. To stay in would launch an investigation which would shoe receipts, cell phone records, etc. Two, it helps clear up the field though I don't think any of his supporters are headed to Ron Paul!

  2. Whatsamattausa - How did I know you were going to say that? :-P

    Of course, you and I differed when it came to Cain (notice the past tense here). I respectfully disagree and say the latest allegation has legs. When I see proof, it would rise above all the other proofless (made up word) allegations and become fact. Until the, I still haven't seen anything other than she said and he said. With your second point, I knew that was coming, too! :-P

    Also, did you get our email address from Twitter? Have a great day!