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Sunday, November 27, 2011

LME Poll Results: Which of Obama's Broken Campaign Promises Bothers You The Most?

Thanks to all those who participated. The results are as follows:

1. Not removing lobbyists from Washington: 43%

2. Not maintaining transparency in his administration: 33% 

3. Failure to reduce the unemployment rate to < 8%: 19%

4. Failure to close Gitmo: 5%

What do these results say? LME is surprised that the failure to reduce the unemployment choice wasn't the most chosen option. But one thing does come to mind: with the top two choices being what they were, the results show that people are more upset at Obama and his running of the government rather than the results-based promises not coming true.

What do you think?


  1. I would have voted for more than one if I could have. Obama is terrible. He made a lot of grand promises to get people to vote for him. Hopefully, America realizes his gig is up!

  2. I didn't get to vote in this poll, but not reducing the unemployment rate to less than 8% as promised is by far the most detrimental.

  3. They are all bad. Can't come in and do a minimal job and expect people to just like you.

  4. Unemployment. Duh. It's the economy, stupid.

  5. The unemployment numbers soared and remain high due to this administration's terrible, destructive policies.

    He promised 'transparency',
    and then waited two years to release his BC! That started a whole new round of conspiracy theories... a planned distraction from his real agenda... to destroy our American way of life.

    Obama rode in on a vague promise of 'hope and change'. Many people heard that and never asked the very simple questions...Hope for what? Change - to what?

    Obama tipped his hand in the first two years with total control of the WH and Congress... thank God for the Tea Party and the elections of 2010 or I fear we'd be MUCH farther along the Socialist trail by now.

    He promised a 'civilian army' - we did get that in the form of the OWS 'protesters'... how's that workin' out?

    We need to do as Pelosi (ha, ha) promised - and failed to do... 'drain the swamp' in DC and get a handle on our out of control Government.

    We need to do it in 2012/14!

  6. Dara - WOW! What a post. You're preaching to the choir. Never even thought of the "civilian army." Hope and change to what? You're right. (Did you see the post about Obama and his waltzing lessons talking about his three-word chants?)

    Thank you a ton for this comment. Don't have much to counter with; you pretty much hit the nail on the head.

    If you like what you see in this blog, please follow. If you really like it, please tell a friend. Taking to the blogosphere helps get around the mainstream media. If we happen to hear from you again, great! If not, thank you and best of luck.

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  7. The one that bothers me most is not bringing our troops home when he said he was going to.

  8. Anonymous, thank you for your post. Totally good point. I didn't include it in the poll because it wasn't totally settled on, but yes, your point is totally valid. In fact, it brings up a second point: what is your opinion on the recent news about bringing home the troops from Iraq? Was this noble and correct? Is it just timing? Is it sleazy to push and push to get them to stay there, and then trumpet that Obama's bringing them home only because Iraq decided to not accept them any more? What do you think? Hope to hear back from you.